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6 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Brand

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Don’t be that guy.

We all know a good brand when we see it. It’s organized, has a structure, and speaks to the heart of the organization it represents. Likewise, we also recognize the boo-boos of the branding world. The ones that make you want to run full-sprint in the opposite direction.

I’m going to outline 6 mistakes that can hurt your brand and its digital reputation. Why does it matter? The digital representation of you or your business is something that will last forever. And the good part is that you get to choose how you’re represented. Don’t make these mistakes!

1. Too Much Promotional Content

Nobody likes the guy at the party who constantly talks about his business. He tries to sell to everyone, all the time. Don’t be like this guy. Add value to the lives of your potential customers by teaching them something, or by giving away helpful information. They’ll start to think of you as the professional, and when they need you, they’ll call you before anyone else.

2. Emails, Emails, and More Emails

If someone is kind enough to trust you with their email address, guard it with your life. Treat it respectfully. Nurture it. Don’t send junk mail every week just because you can. Make them happy to receive your emails, not totally depressed and angry. Again, add value with a coupon or a cool link that’s relevant to your industry.

3. Negativity

Are you a Negative Nancy? We’re not suggesting that you wear a smile and a clown nose all day long, but at least approach your posts with positivity in mind. An uplifting voice is usually more trusted than one with a harsh tone. You’ll see your clients drop like flies if you stick with a negativity-laden online strategy.

4. Controversial Content

Just because it’s your favorite news article doesn’t mean that you should blast it to your clients in a profanity-laced email at 2:00am. Controversy is controversial for a reason! When your customers disagree with you, it makes it more difficult to repair damages done to your brand.

5. Outdated, Irrelevant Material

Your customers depend on your expertise to make decisions about purchases within your industry. Don’t give them stuff from the 90’s and act like you’ve done a good work. Stay up to date on the latest news and information so you can best serve your customers with accurate, well-timed advice and opinions. You’ll gain their trust, which in turn may convince them to buy from you!

6. Trends That Aren't On-Brand

The latest viral TikTok video may be all the rage, but if it doesn’t speak exactly to the type of audience you’re trying to reach, it’s best shared on your personal account. Trendy videos are great, and can help share your message, but it’s not recommended to use them if they’re not on-brand. Remember, what you put on the internet is archived forever. What do you want to be known for?

“We build our websites with three goals in mind. First, the site needs to attract the right visitors. Next, it has to make it easy to find what the customer is looking for. Last, and most importantly, it must keep them coming back.”

Jason Lowe
Content Creator, Owner of Red Massive

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