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Do people still use email?
You bet your @ they do.

There are billions of email addresses with active traffic, maybe several billion more that sit unused. How do you utilize email marketing to its highest possible degree? Follow the tips we outline in this blog, and you’ll start to see better returns on email marketing in no time.

Keep reading to learn some helpful best practices for producing highly successful email content.

Use a Database

Use a database if you can, but if not, create Mailing Lists using GMail Labels.

By using Labels, you can turn your GMail into a CRM system where you can segment your lists based on prospects, volunteers, board, staff, customers, partners, etc.

Allows you to strategically email the appropriate groups easily, have trackable data, and build up your digital reputation “score.”

Don’t Purchase Contact Lists

Don’t purchase contact lists, build your own email list/database! Your digital reputation depends on a healthy open rate, which means you want to hit your target audience – not random people that may have never heard of your business or organization before.

Personalize Your Email Greeting

Email databases often have a list of smart fields you can choose from. You can also send personalized bulk emails using Gmail with preferred greetings inside curly brackets: {First name}

Include an Email Signature

Think of a special font or actually upload your written name to use in your email signature to make it personal and reputable. It’s a mini-bio or resume!

Scrub Your Email List Regularly

Some of your people may not opt-out of your digital communications, but still will not open an email. This drastically harms your digital reputation score. Keeping your least-engaged people on your mailing list can kill your open rate. Find an opt-out or cleaning strategy that works well for you.

Keep the Main Message Above the First Scroll Line

If people immediately see that they have to scroll, the will likely back out of your email and think they’ll read it later – but we never really read it later, do we?

    • Nielsen Norman Group found that consumers spend 57% of their time viewing above-the-fold content. That number goes down drastically to 17% the moment they have to scroll.

Include Your Business and/or CampaignLogo

By regularly using your logo, you create simple brand awareness, your emails look more professional, and it seems like someone took the time to draft the email so it makes readers want to take time to read the message.

Consider a Recurring Newsletter

A good newsletter updates digital followers on work, events, volunteer opportunities, ways to get involved, etc. It’s the reason they opted in to digital communication from you! 

They’re an easy way to build up your digital reputation “score.” Think of it as a blog for email!

Newsletter opt-ins are a great landing spot on your website for people to explore your business/organization further, as well as be a lead for further, more specific communications in the future.

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