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Six Ways to Make Your Website STAND OUT

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How do I stand out?

The internet is a big place. Like really, really big. Did you know there are well over 1.18 billion websites in the whole world? And there are roughly 252,000 new sites published every single day. That is a lot of content. How does your target customer even find you in all of that noise? Keep reading for great tips on how to make your website stand out!

If your first thought after reading is, “Woah, I can’t do all that!”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of our clients just simply don’t have enough time to keep up with the subtle nuances of creating and maintaining a website. We understand completely, and that’s why we’re here to help you navigate the digital landscape. Follow these tips, or let us do it for you. Either way, here are six ways to make your website stand out!

1. Update Frequently

Search engines like Google and Bing display search results based on a variety of factors like relevancy, content, and update frequency. If you keep your site updated with fresh information, Google will inevitably rank you higher than someone who just lets their site stay stagnant.

2. Make it Fun

Your site should have creative elements included to keep. itlooking fun and fresh. Most people don’t like plain-text websites, and with all of the cool tools at your disposal these days, why not add something fun? An animated element, a video, or some tastefully bright colors. They all work together to increase the FUN of your site.

3. Add a Blog

Keeping your site updated can be rather difficult if you don’t have new content to display. Things like store hours, product offerings, and basic info might not change that much, so how do I stay updated? Write a blog! Share some cool tips, give something away, or just talk about the culture and mission of your business. Just share!

4. Be Yourself

Your potential customers and clients want to purchase from someone they know they can trust. That means you have to gain that trust somehow, which can be difficult in a digital world. By being yourself (through your website), you’ll show them who you are and what your company stands for. It helps you to stand out from every generic marketing scheme from the “other guys” while drawing customers to your site!

5. Help your visitors focus

It’s tempting to shove as much information as possible into your viewers’ faces, hoping that some of it will cross into their brains and stick. Think of your habits and preferences when you visit a site. Do you stick around when there’s too much info? Say what you need to say, and then move on.

6. Utilize different media types

While there are many instances in which you’d like to visit a text-only website, one has to admit that it can be quite bland and uninspiring. If you sell bricks, show a video about how they’re made. If you sell flowers, post a ton of photos of your best arrangements. Keep it fresh, exciting, and LIVE. It keeps people on your site longer, which in turn makes Google pay attention when ranking your site against the 1.18 billion others.

“We build our websites with three goals in mind. First, the site needs to attract the right visitors. Next, it has to make it easy to find what the customer is looking for. Last, and most importantly, it must keep them coming back.”

Jason Lowe
Content Creator, Owner of Red Massive

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